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Spanish Courses - Fall

dictionariesThe Spanish Language Program offers the possibility of completing all MAT course requirements in three summers, depending on enrollment. The MAT in Spanish is designed for individuals already teaching Spanish, but also is open to prospective teachers at the K-12 school level. Credits from World Languages Institute courses may be applied towards state certification and/or continued professional development. Teachers are required to complete successfully at least two Spanish courses in the World Languages Institute before applying to the MAT program. Details are available at the Department of Spanish and Portuguese or its web site at

FALL 2017

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MAIN CUR HISP LIT - CREATIVIDAD Y BELLEZA EN LALITERATURA Y ARTES HISPANICAS (Creativity and Beauty in Hispanic Literature and the Arts) (K-12) (CR. 3) 
Thursday, 4:30-7:30 pm, CAC, HC-S120
Cross-Listed: 01:940:489:01

This course is an introduction to the history of literature and the arts in the Hispanic world. We will approach this subject from the perspective of a main Theme in the AP Spanish Language and Culture Exam: “Beauty and Aesthetics.” We will study selected but fundamental periods, authors, texts and art for engaging with the Theme’s Recommended Contexts: Defining Beauty and Creativity, Literature, Visual and Performing Arts, Architecture, and Fashion and Design. Our main goal is to build with and among the students of this course--themselves potential instructors of AP Spanish courses or similar courses--a basic knowledge on the AP Spanish Exam’s theme of “Beauty and Aesthetics” that can further guide or inform the development of specific high school syllabi.

Through our online assignments on the texts and artifacts under analysis, the students will be able to respond to the Theme’s Essential Questions:

  1. How are perceptions of beauty and creativity established?
  2. How do ideals of beauty and aesthetics influence daily life?
  3. And how do the arts both challenge and reflect cultural perspectives?

We will integrate the above questions with interrogations in two other AP Themes:

  1. “Personal and Public Identities:” How do language and culture influence identity?
  2. “Contemporary Life:” How is contemporary life influenced by cultural products, practices, and perspectives?

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