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As a newly accepted Chinese, French, German, Italian or Spanish Program participant in the World Languages Institute (WLI), you are required to complete an online Graduate School nondegree application, instructions for which are in Part A below, before you may register for summer WLI courses. Newly accepted participants in languages other than Chinese, French, German, Italian, or Spanish should skip Part A and proceed directly to Part B below.

If you were accepted to the WLI in a previous year, but never submitted the online Graduate School nondegree application and never registered for courses, then you must complete the online application before you may register for WLI courses.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Each WLI student is assigned a “RUID” number (which is not your Social Security number) that must be used for registration and bill payment. Your RUID is emailed to you approximately 24 hours after your online application is submitted.


Part A: Completing the Online Graduate School Nondegree Application

To begin the application process, go to the New Applicant Account page. The online system is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Follow the step-by-step instructions below (print them as a reference) to complete each part of the application. Please note that payment of a $60 non-refundable application fee is required when you submit your application.

Create a Login ID and PIN according to the instructions, then click on “create account.”

Select your Citizenship Status and Nondegree Application under Application Type, then click on “continue.”

Complete all parts (except for Current Mailing Address, unless it is different from your Permanent Address). Under Other Contact Information, your Home Phone, Business Phone and Fax Number are not required, but be sure to enter your Email Address so that you get a confirmation that your application was received and your RUID is sent to you. Click on “next” to continue.

Answer all three Yes/No questions, and provide an explanation if necessary. Click on “next” to continue.

Under Program Information, select the Program Name (Chinese, French, German, Italian, Spanish.  If you were accepted to the WLI for any other language, please contact us so we can discuss your situation. DO NOT APPLY TO LANGUAGE EDUCATION), after which Degree Sought (NOD for Nondegree), Program Code and School Selected will be filled in automatically. For Term Desired, select the appropriate term and year. For Full-time Study, select NO. Click on “next” to continue.

Information for at least one institution must be entered. If you do not know your GPA, enter “0." Click on “next” to continue.

Submission of test scores (GRE, TOEFL) is not required. Select “I have no test scores to report at this time.” Click on “next” to continue.

Under Academic Awards & Financial Assistance, select “ I understand that as a nondegree applicant, I am not eligible for financial assistance.” Leave blank Academic Honors, Awards or Publications and Describe Relevant Work Experience. Click on “next” to continue.

Type the following sentence in the space provided: I have been accepted into the Summer World Languages Institute. Click on “next” to continue.

Review your application before submitting it. In the Certification Statement section, it mentions submission of supporting credentials. SUBMISSION OF SUPPORTING CREDENTIALS IS NOT NECESSARY BECAUSE THEY ALREADY WERE SENT WITH YOUR WORLD LANGUAGES INSTITUTE APPLICATION. After completing your review, click on SUBMIT APPLICATION.

Step 1 should indicate COMPLETED. Proceed to Step 2 and click on Payment Page. Under STEP 2: PAYMENT OPTIONS, select Online Application Payment and follow the instructions. Disregard Step 3: Supporting Materials because they have already been submitted.

Important Information Contained in Your EMAIL CONFIRMATION:
Shortly after submitting your online application, you should get an email confirmation indicating the program, enrollment year, term and date your application was received. You can monitor the status of your application 24 hours after submitting it by going to the URL provided in the email confirmation. When the status of your application indicates in the Decision section that You have accepted your admission, you may proceed to Part B below to register for your courses. Reminder: your RUID, which you need to use to register for courses, is emailed to you approximately 24 hours after your online application is submitted.

In the remainder of the email confirmation, disregard the paragraphs about follow up credentials, test scores, and international applicants. In the last paragraph, Nondegree Applicants, World Languages Institute participants do not have to have permission and academic advising prior to registering (you already have permission because you were accepted into the WLI) nor do you have to obtain special permission numbers, except as indicated in a course description.


Part B: Course Registration 

Please follow this link to see registration procedures and tuition information. to see registration procedures and tuition information.

M.A.T. Information

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If you are interested in earning a Master of Arts for Teachers, click the link below for more information.

Master of Arts for Teachers

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"I had so many wonderful experiences working with professors who tirelessly taught me what I needed to be a good teacher. I believe I made the best investment studying in the program."
-Michelle C., Chinese MAT

Student Testimonials

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