The Language of Justice - Winter 2012 - Registration Information

The Language of Justice

Winter Session 2012

Undergraduate Course # 80:617:461
Graduate Course  # 81:617:561
(3 credits)
Also available as a non-credit course.

 6:00-10:00 PM

   Fri  12/23   Mon 12/26   Wed 12/28  Th 12/29  Mon  1/2

Wed  1/4   Th 1/5   Mon 1/9   Wed 1/11   Th 1/12

Location: Language Lab Building, Room 110, College Avenue Campus

Instructor: B. Tatiana Dallmann, MA


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To Register:

To register for the course for NON-CREDIT, please follow this link.  https://ce-catalog.rutgers.edu/courseDisplay.cfm?schID=41017


To register to take the course for credit, you must fill out a registration form and return it to my office.

The UNDERGRADUATE registration form can be found here

The GRADUATE registration form can be found here

If you already hold a bachelors degree and plan to take the course for credit, you MUST register for the GRADUATE course.


Registration forms can be returned to me by any of the following methods:

MAIL: Send the form to my attention at 20 Seminary Place, New Brunswick, NJ 08901.

EMAIL: You can scan the completed form and email it as an attachment to me at pblum@langlab.rutgers.edu

FAX: You can fax the form to my attention at 732-932-1556.

Round Table Series

Saturday Round Table Series for students previously enrolled in a WLI methods class

  • Come join your colleagues to continue practicing and improving the techniques and methods you learned in class. Keep up to date on latest developments in second-language acquisition.
  • Earn professional development credits and connect to a dynamic peer group dedicated to maintaining the very highest standards in foreign language education.
  • The informal three hour round tables are designed to encourage the continued development and sharing of ideas, strategies and activities useful in the second language classroom.

Each participant is encouraged to bring an idea, strategy or activity to share as well as any questions or issues they may have in regard to teaching



Student Testimonials

Here's what our students have to say about the World Languages Institute . . .

"I feel Professor Sanchez is a very enthusiastic professor that cares deeply about the successes of her students, a professor that will go far beyond what is expected of her to make the learning environment more stimulating and deeper place to grow academically"

(Languages Across the Curriculum - 6:617:508:G1 94938 - Karen Sanchez)

"Mr. Sanchez is an excellent teacher, he pushed us and really did what the course is intended for to not only elevate our use of the Spanish language but our students as well."

(Teaching Techniques & Practices for the Improvement of Oral Proficiency - 16:617:505:J2 94940 -
Celso Sanchez-Inofuentes

"She has taught me so much about effective teaching and how to get my students involved in the classroom"

(Teaching Techniques & Practices for the Improvement of Oral Proficiency - 16:617:505:J1 94937 -
Myriam Alami

I don't think I can go back to the classroom and teach as I did before. This class has an enormous impact in my future.

(Technology in the World Language Class - 16:617:503:C1 91054 - Martin Smith)

"This is a very practical course for K- l2 teaching. The theory and methodology is well demonstrated by the instructor. It is an enjoyful learning experience."

(Methods of Foreign Language Teaching16:617:500:D1 90924 - Karen Sanchez)

"I enjoyed my MAT program at Rutgers University in the World Languages Institute. My graduate courses really focused on concepts that helped me in my own teaching career. Their passion, charisma, and devotion to language learning further inspired me in my teaching."

-Catherine K., French M.A.T. 2010

"The professor is very ethusiastic and this is evident in her teaching methods and dealings with the students! She clearly loves what she does and has a  great rapport with our class!"

(Advanced French Grammar, Stylistics, and Theory of Language - 16:420:503:G1 -Myriam Alami)

"Helped me to think about WHY language teachers provide and create certain activities over others."

(Theories of Language Learning - 16:617:502:A6 - Martin Smith)

"Learning and being introduced to songs I would have never known otherwise gave me a great way to incorporate music and culture in the classroom."

(Songs of Modern France - 16:420:514:D1 - Uri Eisenzweig)

"Very stimulative and informative. A must for teachers or teachers to be!"

(Assessment in the World Languages - 16:617:504:A1 - Martin Smith)

"Dr. Schwartz's professionalism and dedication are evident in every class. The material chosen for the class was interesting and very appropriate for teachers."

(Spanish American Short Story - 16:940:553:J1 - Marcy Schwartz)

"I have already implemented many of the activities that we learned in the class and my students have loved them. I plan to incorporate more in September."

(Rassias Method - 16:617:507:A6 - Ursula Atkinson)

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WLI Video Series

The Rutgers World Languages Institute presents its video series highlighting Summer courses in multiple languages.

Technology in the World Language Class

Bringing the world into the foreign language classroom through technology, fostering better communication and improved teaching technique; taught in English - Martin Smith


Advanced French Grammar and Stylistics, Part I

A Communicative approach to teaching French grammar at the K-12 level; conducted in French. - Mme. Myriam Alami

Songs of France

An interactive musical experience: the study and adaptation of classic French songs for incorporation into the classroom; conducted in French. - Prof. Uri Eisenzweig

Languages Across the Curriculum

A methods course open to all students that focuses on a standards-based communicative approach to language teaching; conducted in English. - Karen Sánchez, Ed.D.

Check out all of the Core Curriculum courses currently being offered. 

A Little Romance: A History of the Romance Languages

Open to all students; conducted in English. - Prof. Tom Stephens

Check out all of the Core Curriculum courses currently being offered. 

Professional Development at the Rutgers Language Institute

Lunchtime professional development workshops for WLI participants.

Rassias Gallery

Rassias Method® Immersion Days

From Workshop I (Introduction): Monday, June 27 - Wednesday, June 29, 2005

{article Rassias Method Teacher Workshop }{readmore:Go back to Rassias Method® Teacher Workshop}{/article}

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M.A.T. Information

ist2 higher education

If you are interested in earning a Master of Arts for Teachers, click the link below for more information.

Master of Arts for Teachers

What our students are saying...

Student Testimonials

"I had so many wonderful experiences working with professors who tirelessly taught me what I needed to be a good teacher. I believe I made the best investment studying in the program."
-Michelle C., Chinese MAT

Student Testimonials

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Call for Webinar/Workshop Proposals!

Attention K-12 Educators:

The World Languages Institute is seeking proposals for webinars/workshops that would be of interest to K-12 language teachers. We pay a competitive rate and provide the facility and backup technical support. So if you are an experienced workshop leader and have a hot topic to present to your colleagues, go to the following link to complete and submit the proposal form. We will contact you if your topic is selected.


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