College Avenue Lab

1 spring street building

Language Institute
20 Seminary Place
Room 119

Lab Hours

Language Laboratory:

2 Instructor Consoles:
for conducting classes in the lab using audio, video, and computer media.

24 Student Audio Recorders:
for comprehension, recording and play back of taped audio materials.

60 Student Computer Workstations:
for comprehension, recording and/or play back of digital audio materials, viewing digital videos and DVDs, word processing, conducting Web related research, and accessing multimedia and virtual environment applications such as PhotoStory 3, The SIMS 2 and Second Life.

3 Video/DVD Stations:
for viewing NTSC/PAL/SECAM videos and multi-zone DVDs as well as RU-tv broadcasts.

1 Projection System:
for large screen projection of NTSC/PAL/SECAM videos and multi-zone DVDs as well as RU-tv broadcasts.

Multimedia Classrooms:
State-of-the-art multimedia environments, with capacities of 20 and 24 students, and equipped for stereo sound distribution and large screen/monitor projection from multiple sources: NTSC/PAL/SECAM videos, multi-zone DVDs and RU-tv broadcasts; websites, computer programs and CDs; and realia, slides and transparencies. An IP video conferencing unit used for distance education is also integrated into the classroom.

1 Satellite Dish System:
for downlinking of C/Ku band digital broadcasts which can be distributed live to class and conference rooms or recorded for later use.