World Languages Institute


The World Languages Institute provides K-12 World Language teachers with a graduate-level core program in pedagogy reflecting the New Jersey Core Curriculum Standards and the National Standards for Second Language Teaching.

  • Our Methods of Foreign Language Teaching K-12 is approved for state certification.
  • Graduate courses in Chinese, French, German, Italian, and Spanish cover topics such as civilization, culture, grammar, linguistics, and literature.
  • World Languages Institute students have the opportunity to enroll in a Master of Arts for Teachers degree program, which may be completed in two to three summers.
  • Credits acquired through the institute are applicable to the New Jersey 100-Hour Professional Development requirement and/or may be accepted for state certification.

Participants in the World Languages Institute

  • Share ideas and teaching experiences with their K-12 colleagues.
  • Increase their knowledge of teaching methodology.
  • Enhance their written and verbal skills in their target language.
  • Develop thematic units of age-appropriate classroom materials.
  • Learn how to incorporate the latest technology into their classes.