Fall 2014 Technology Course Registration Information

To register for TECHNOLOGY IN THE WORLD LANGUAGE CLASS (K-12) for FALL 2014, please click the appropriate link below and send the registration form to the WLI in one of the following ways:

Print the form, fill it out and send by US Mail to:
Rutgers WLI
Attn: Patty Blum
20 Seminary Place
New Brunswick, NJ 08901


Fax a completed form to 732-932-1556


Send an electronic version by clicking here and attaching the completed form to the email.

Technology in the World Language Class (K-12)

ONLINE; 10/6 - 12/5


This course is designed to develop teachers’ abilities to use technology effectively to support world language education. Through a consideration of research, the National Educational Technology Standards for Students, and hands-on experiences with technology, teachers develop and design projects to be used in the world language class. They also look at the effective use of the Internet and critically evaluate its authentic cultural materials as a way to provide comprehensible input for students. In addition, teachers examine and learn to use various multi-media software available for the teaching of world languages. Conducted in English with language-specific group sessions.

If you are currently a Rutgers student, please click here to download a registration form for this course.
If you are NOT currently a Rutgers Student, please click here to download a visiting student registration form for this course.